You know how difficult it is to find the balance between infusing your stylish, spiffy alter ego into work-wear and wearing vapid, energy-sapping outfits to your equally boring, monotonous day job? Then again, you might be one of the lucky few who love their jobs, but still feel restricted by the dress code. Slap a smile on your face, I come bearing gifts!

As a health care professional, I have to look professional. Our dress code does not allow much room for sleeveless  shirts experimentation, but I like to stretch the boundaries just a little. Here, I’m staying within the limits by wearing a print shirt with cut-outs.

This is a great way to get in on the burgundy trend and take a break from basic black pants. Also, the block heels are super comfortable and easy to run around in. Snakeskin? Yes, please.


IMG_9032IMG_9033BBFL5815[1]Prints and colour are definitely the ways to go! Thanks for reading and happy Workers’ Day!

Top: Modern Classics

Bottoms: Miskay Boutique

Bag: Asos

Shoes: Zara

Belt: My Closet


16 thoughts on “BURGUNDY BLUES

  1. Lovely, Lovely…well written and to think that this are issues a lot of fashionable men and women go through, great work… Love love the pictures (except the ones with a fence and staircase) keep images clean and simple.

    Lovely outfit as well.

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  2. I really love the cut outs on the shirt. It’s really annoying going to work with boring outfits 😒.This is dope. I love the combo. Thanks hun!🙆


  3. This is nice.. very nice.
    My current boss tho, would still say put a jacket over that, and i’m like wait, what???, it’s just sad.😢
    Thank you Angel.


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